jtrottany: Hawgwild, this might sound like a stupid question but you do know that the IR is nearly invisible right? It will not project a beam like a flashlight but in the dark you should be able to see a faint red glow if you look into the lens of the illuminator. Jan 22, 2022 6:52:37 GMT -8
xoxmandy: Thor4 will not connect to iphone 11 or 13. Weak Security Jan 28, 2022 5:28:12 GMT -8
kev20007: hi guys new to air guns but got my self a x-sight 3x14 4k pro, hope its as good as what i have read about it, so hello to all, and just to mention im in uk Jan 30, 2022 4:16:06 GMT -8
nobbys2020: hi there just got a 4k pro 3-14 with 1000abl zeroed in and used it for about an he then it froze . now its a black screen .tryed to hook it up to my windows 10 pc but it wont recognize in the usb help Jan 30, 2022 12:41:44 GMT -8
r1andy: Need a bit of help/advice please. I have just taken delivery of an ATN 4k Pro. Switched it on and got a message on the screen Target is unreachable. Is there a setting that I've missed or does something need to be turned on/off?

Feb 2, 2022 11:16:03 GMT -8
mlaudadio: I have an ATN Thor 4 4-40 and I done a reset and compass calibration for a long time repeated and the compass is always on North. I won't mount it until this works so its never been around a magnetic field. I've been trying for 4 days now. Feb 3, 2022 19:40:35 GMT -8
guyton: how do i send out a message for help to all users? Feb 10, 2022 13:02:04 GMT -8
guyton: I need advice on how to post to all users when I have a question Feb 10, 2022 13:08:23 GMT -8
timspeed: I have a IR850 that doesn’t work. I have a charged 18650 battery and multimeter. The neck shows continuity from the pos terminal spring to the red wire on the face of the Cree board. The neg black wire on the Cree board shows no continuity to the housing. Mar 9, 2022 20:26:14 GMT -8
timspeed: Is this board dead? Does anyone check in from atn to get us help? Mar 10, 2022 8:32:38 GMT -8
smiles2da: Good morning, smiles2da here, I have the 4k pro 5-20 Apr 3, 2022 9:32:09 GMT -8
kriket2: Newbie w 4K pro. Was playing in range finding and trying to get to carousel when ‘target is unreachable’ pops up AND Now nothing works except shutdown. How do I get back to anything? Help! May 4, 2022 17:26:55 GMT -8
opc: Good day, found website inside cover of box, new too 4k pro 5-20. May 16, 2022 12:38:02 GMT -8
adrie: Dear ATN Form members. What is going on? I have a ATN X-sight 4k pro 3-14 scope. I sighted in at 20m. at 23m pellet hits 6mm to the right, 17m 2 mm to the left, at 11 m5 mm to the left and at 6m 6mm to the left. No wind. Please help! Gun, FX Impact M3 .22 May 21, 2022 5:51:14 GMT -8 *
bollingerc2: , instructions specifically say you have to re-calibrate compass after updating firmware. so pull scope off gun and do your re-calibration procedure Jun 10, 2022 5:15:56 GMT -8
bollingerc2: i'd verify the scope is tight and properly mounted. if you've had a different scope on it and you know its not the rifle barrel i'd think you need to check the scope mounts first, then check that the digital zero is saving . Jun 10, 2022 5:27:18 GMT -8
krissy: Can anyone help? When using my ATN PS15-WPT goggles, I can see that the IR850-B1 does not stop glowing. I rotate the switch on the base to "OFF", but the IR lamp still glows. Jun 13, 2022 15:47:52 GMT -8
ranger: Hi thx for the add- I have an 4k Pro with ABL 1000- Everything is paired,zeroed, and bullet info entered in Ballistcs calculater- my 5.56 zeroed at 100 yds is 3 inches low at 200 yds ? I don't know why and am very frustrated because I need 600 yd shots -- Jun 23, 2022 15:28:36 GMT -8
ranger: Im shooting a Hornady 75gr BTHP , is it possible this bullet is not in data bank ? Jun 23, 2022 15:50:32 GMT -8
iandean: Hi Guys, complete newb. Can anyone tell me if I can tell what version of the X Sight 11 HD I have. I bought it second hand and can't seem to tell whether its a 3x14 or 5x20? Any help would be appreciated. Jun 24, 2022 5:48:39 GMT -8