After firmware update-Question


ez7shooter: Hello. New to the Forum here. FRom Central Pa am an avid predator hunter just got my first thermal an ATN 320 5-10x Jan 24, 2023 7:29:50 GMT -8
brown2799: g Jan 28, 2023 11:53:12 GMT -8
brown2799: Greetings to all . bo Jan 28, 2023 11:53:35 GMT -8
brown2799: Greetings to all. Bought my scope years ago and just now digging it out as been in storage. Really glad to see there are forums like this especially as a newbie Jan 28, 2023 11:57:29 GMT -8
crash: H Jan 29, 2023 4:19:38 GMT -8
crash: Is there a button to start a thread? Jan 29, 2023 4:19:52 GMT -8
Deplorable Peasant: Hello everyone! I'm an ATN 4K Pro and ABL1500 owner with it mounted on a homebrew AR-6.5 Creedmoor. I have had my scope for several years, but for health reasons, I am only now beginning to use it. Jan 30, 2023 13:02:43 GMT -8
scinan: Greets. Various pieces of iron, the ATN X-Sight 4K PRO is on the 308. Havent used it yet, looking forward to getting hold of hand held thermal too. Later I will outfit the rest of the gear as appropriate. Glad to meet a like minded crew. Feb 10, 2023 12:38:16 GMT -8
sutanker: Just purchased a Thor 4 640 1x10, already have issues, compass non functional. I went to do an firmware update and the one in the scope is newer than the one on the website. Ha Feb 13, 2023 19:39:42 GMT -8
sutanker: Update, shaking it around in every direction fixed the compass issue. Feb 13, 2023 19:55:11 GMT -8
thekarl: Greetings, my name is Karl from east TX and I am a new owner of a ThOR 4 2.5-25x50mm Thermal Smart HD Rifle Scope. Feb 15, 2023 6:08:53 GMT -8
durdur: hello i 'm new owner of X-*sight 4k . i'm locate in Belgium Feb 21, 2023 13:43:11 GMT -8
lisaleslie: Greetings to all.lisaleslie :P Feb 21, 2023 23:49:42 GMT -8
welshpaul: Hi, I have a flickering screen and then going out of focus issue, can anyone recommend a fix? Feb 22, 2023 11:15:48 GMT -8
armosh: Hi everyone, can’t see anything at night X sight 4 k pro IR on or off same result ? someone have idea from where to start troubleshooting? Feb 26, 2023 8:59:55 GMT -8
hanske: Hello I'm Hans from Holland. I own a Thor 4 7-28 75 mm with ABL and a x-sight pro 3-14 with ABL. Mar 8, 2023 13:07:18 GMT -8
hanske: Hello can anyone tell wer i can find the serialnumber of the ABL Mar 8, 2023 13:12:32 GMT -8
benjamin01: I'm new from Texas so hello to all of y'all!! I just got a new ThOR4 HD Thermal 4.5-18 384 X 288 scope and going to be zeroing it in this weekend. Mar 9, 2023 16:50:43 GMT -8
hadjpopper: welcome thethor works when it wants does all kinds of weird *****, serious remorse,, mothefuckers know it has issues,,,, worst 4k i ever spent should have gone rico Mar 16, 2023 18:06:41 GMT -8
hadjpopper: nothin worse than loading up to go nail some yotes and u get out there, and you only see a b&w screen w nothing else, so fng pissed,,,, and have to go through all kinds of bs to fix it arghhhhh Mar 16, 2023 18:09:29 GMT -8
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