Problem with the compass


neil54: Does anyone have a copy of fimware for the ATN 2 hd 3-14 Mar 23, 2019 13:19:31 GMT -8
mrc045: Can someone tell me how to turn the power off of my ATN X-SIGHT 4K PRO 5-20X? The screen froze up. Your effort in this matter is greatly appreciated. Mar 24, 2019 23:44:47 GMT -8
Widowmaker: Sorry, didn't mean to "shout" Mar 25, 2019 6:23:35 GMT -8
Widowmaker: You can also try holding down the power button for 30 seconds vs taking out the battery. Mar 25, 2019 10:18:23 GMT -8
retired: mrc045, I too have a 4K Pro and there is no option to remove the batteries. Hold the power button down until it shuts off. It took a little over 30 seconds the last time mine froze. I haven't had any freezing issues since the most recent firmware. Jim Mar 25, 2019 17:52:31 GMT -8
txrzrbck: I live in tx gulf coast area...looking for someone to help me set up this scope Mar 29, 2019 15:53:53 GMT -8
odin: Put any issues up one by one and you will find you can get most of them solved in the forum - Starting a thread in the correct section makes it easier to follow. Mar 30, 2019 0:45:53 GMT -8
mrc045: retired, Thank you so much for your response. I did exactly your advice and it worked. Take care and enjoy your 4K Pro. Mar 30, 2019 19:32:07 GMT -8
retired: txrzrback, you might make that request for help in your scope specific forum. There is bound to be someone down there that can guide you thru the set up. Apr 3, 2019 6:13:42 GMT -8
rehab9999joe: Hi to you all. my son gave me his X-Sight HD scope any one know where I can get a owners manual .Thanks Apr 4, 2019 13:37:15 GMT -8
nighthunter: Try Apr 4, 2019 15:27:40 GMT -8
Nubby86: Cool sight nubby from Ohio joining Apr 7, 2019 20:06:28 GMT -8
tas: Two questions...can you use an SD card over 64 gb? Also whenever I turn on my scope to install the firmware update it turns on and I get the nightvision reticle...what am I doing wrong? I thought the firmware update would start automatically. Apr 13, 2019 10:03:30 GMT -8
odin: tas - Pretty sure you cant. Most guys having SD card issues seem to have 64GB - so this in itself could be an issue - suggest that you run a 32GB as not many issues with these and you can still record a shitload of video on one. Apr 16, 2019 19:16:39 GMT -8
tas: Can't get on day mode. My scope comes up on thermal. I go to the half filled circle and hit enter...have tried hitting twice, as well as holding down. Never switches to day. User error most likely. What am I doing wrong Apr 17, 2019 12:39:11 GMT -8
tas: OK, I learned that the half filled circle is contrast and not the day to night icon. Still can't find it. Any help appreciated. Really want to get to using this scope. Apr 18, 2019 3:50:47 GMT -8
mitchcrm: Anxious to get started using this sight. If it goes well we at the Texas Youth Hunting Program (TYHP) will get some for youth hunts. Apr 18, 2019 11:35:39 GMT -8
odin: Tas - Try here for a manual - you may have to register your unit first. Apr 18, 2019 21:52:05 GMT -8
nighthunter: Tas - you apparently have a thermal scope. Thermal does not have a day and night mode. It works both day and night with only needing to possibly adjust contract and brightness based on conditions. Apr 22, 2019 17:33:24 GMT -8